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Established in 2015, Bridging the Horizon is a 501c3 non-profit initiative aimed at providing entertainment for people with Special Needs at a low cost. We, at Bridging the Horizon, recognize how hard it is for people with disabilities to have a fun, loving place to go to have a positive experience, so we are going to provide that experience.

As we march forward, our mission continues to empower those we serve, fostering a community where everyone, irrespective of their disabilities, can enjoy the thrill of entertainment and the joy it brings. Bridging The Horizon is more than an organization; it is a family committed to promoting inclusivity and eradicating social barriers. Our team of dedicated volunteers strives to ensure that each event we host offers a safe, enriching, and heart-warming experience that our guests will cherish. We’re not just about entertainment; we’re about building connections, promoting growth, and spreading joy. Together, we can help every individual to find their place on the horizon of life and society, where they can shine brightly.


About me, I am the Founder/President of Bridging the Horizon, a mother of 3, 2 stepchildren and 4 wonderful grandchildren, and live in Salem, NH.

Eight years ago, I decided to start Bridging the Horizon after enjoying 30 years of Manufacturing Management in the business world. My son Thomas is 32 and has Down syndrome. He loves to dance and socialize with his friends. I wanted a place for him and his friends, family members and/or caregivers to have a great time to have fun, meet new friends and be able to relax. Thanks to a dear friend of Bridging the Horizon, George Whitehouse of Good times DJ’s who taught me the non-profit world to get us established.

Trish Earle, President / Founder

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